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How to Register in Telegram

Step 1: Search for @iKakaBot in search box in Telegram and select Kaka.

Step 2: After selecting Kaka, Chat box will open and then click on Start.

Step 3: After clicking on Start, following instruction message will be received.

Step 4: Following the instructions:

• Type “/register” and send

• A login link will be received

Step 5: Once clicked on link received, a popup window will open, click on Open.

Step 6: Once the link is opened, fill your Registered Email ID and password.

Step 7: Once logged in successfully, you will get a code, copy this code and paste it in the telegram chat box.

Step 8: Send that code, and you will receive the following message.

To check Info about yourself, send ME.

To check info about product, send PRODUCT.